Sponsored Riders

Meet our Sponsored Riders:

Hello everyone! My name is Rae Lombino and I am an 18 year old equestrian from Upstate New York. I own one horse, a 14 year old paint gelding named "Fourth Time's the Charm" better known as Bug. I also ride and work with lots of other horses including a 26 year old appy named Joey and a 12 year old palomino paint named Wyatt. I ride English and Western, doing a variety of things in each discipline, as well as do liberty work with any horses I can! I've trained in Western please, gaming, hunters, English pleasure and equitation, as well as a little dressage. I personally love gaming and pleasure riding the best as well as bareback and tackless riding! I also run my own photography business and am a freelance filmmaker in my spare time. I'm insanely honored and so proud to be a part of the Poloz R Us team! 



Hi my name is Megan Nyweide. I am 18 years old. Here’s a little bit about me! I have been riding horses since I was 3 and now own 10 horses of my own. I grew up showing western pleasure and English but now I run Barrels. I also enjoy working with horses and have been training horses for a couple years now. I also give lessons to all different ages and riding levels. I love working with riders and their horses. I also enjoy showing my horses during the summer and fall. My main horses at the moment are RB, Nitro, Cacheena and Slick.